Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Day in the Life

Do you work in a pregnancy resource center? Do you demonstrate peacefully outside abortion clinics or participate in life chains? Do you try to bring about change through the courts and legislation? Do you post billboards containing pictures of aborted babies? Do you pray tirelessly or donate funds to pro-life organizations you endorse?

If so, tell us about it. What does your typical day look like when you are involved in these activities? We want to know so we can pray for you.


  1. I am a volunteer with Hawaii Right to Life. Today I heard from a woman (I'll call her Nanette) who revealed that she is suffering from post-abortion syndrome and is so sad that she wants to die. Please pray for her.

  2. I'll get a copy of Over Coffee to you in tomorrow's mail. I hope it will help Nanette. Thanks for volunteering with HRTL. When you have time, why don't you write back and tell us what you do there? May God bless you.

  3. The book will soon be out...it has been quite the process. 'Never the Same' tells the story of my journey. Everyone has their own story, and for a very long time, I have felt called to share mine. I hope that what I have penned here will help to bring hope for those facing an unplanned pregnancy and healing for those facing the aftermath of abortion; and hopefully compassion from others towards women in these situations. I did not write this book for political reasons; I hope that it speaks to those from all walks of life. I pray that in some way I can help both the unborn and women who have struggled with the topic of abortion from any perspective. I pray that you will be encouraged to hold on in faith to whatever calling or promise God has for you, and most importantly that you will be obedient to how or wherever that leads.
    By: Gayle Everhart, staff ultrasound nurse with the Pregnancy Resource Centers of Portland, Oregon

  4. Thanks, Gayle, for sharing what you are doing in the pro-life movement. Can't wait to read your book. Writing is another important way that we can spread the truth about abortion. Thanks, too, for your work as staff nurse at PRC in Portland.