Friday, December 4, 2009

A Day in the Life of a Pregnancy Care Center by Sue Ellen Doenier

     A day in the life of a pregnancy care center. . . revolves around real people. If there wasn’t a PCC in Lexington, Kentucky, and if that center didn’t offer ultrasound, we would never have “met” Devon. Devon’s mom never wanted to have an abortion, but circumstances led her to think it was her only choice. Confused and uncertain, she wondered if she could live with herself afterwards.

Seven weeks pregnant when she visited the PCC, they offered her an ultrasound. When she saw her baby’s heart beating, he became real to her. She knew he deserved “his shot at life,” and says today, “It was very obvious that I had all the support that I needed. It is now two years later and I have a beautiful baby boy! He is 16 months old and the love of my life! . . . I could go on and on about how wonderful he is! I couldn’t be more blessed! I couldn’t imagine my life without him"

Devon is just one of the countless babies saved year after year in pregnancy care centers. Will you pray, serve, give?

Editor's Note: This article is the last of four by Sue Ellen Doenier to be posted on the Pro-Life Tribe blog. The articles have been excerpted from Life Matters, a quarterly church bulletin insert available at  The Baptists for Life Organization invites you to copy the pdf. file for use in your own churches.

Baptists for Life is not a PCC – we’re a support organization for PCCs worldwide, producing materials, doing trainings, and serving as a bridge between PCCs and churches through our prayer calendar and by speaking in churches to raise awareness about the fundamental significance of pro-life ministry. Partners in Ministry is a service of Baptists for Life to pregnancy care centers. We host an annual training conference (the Summit – we gave some of your books as gifts this year!). Our ministry is also involved in end-of-life issues through our LIFT (Loving In Final Transition) ministry, providing training to caregivers of the terminally or chronically ill. Our website is

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