Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day in the Life of Karen DiCostanzo, Hawaii Right to Life

Today we received a call from a middle school instructor because a student from her school was pregnant. The teacher explained that the girl is a special needs student who had become pregnant through the molestation of a high school age boy. The student’s mother had scheduled an abortion but had taken no further action. The unborn child would be the sacrificial lamb for another’s misdeeds.

The instructor was inquiring about Hawai’i’s state law to see whether she could legally intervene on behalf of the girl and her unborn baby. Sadly, in the Aloha State, abortion is a “fundamental” right, meaning that no one may interfere with a woman’s (or minor girl’s) right to abortion.

Many would say that in this situation, an abortion is best, even some who consider themselves pro-life. But is abortion is the best help we can offer this young lady? Does it “fix” the molestation? Or is it a way to redirect our anger and revulsion away from the situation and toward an innocent third party at the expense of the mother? Abortion is never a good choice, and the devastation it visits upon all those it touches results in physical, emotional, and spiritual scars for a lifetime.

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” Are we willing to say the same, regardless of the circumstances?

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  1. Karen, This is heartbreaking!

    Once again we see abortion used as a cover up so society doesn't have to deal with its problems.

    This is a little girl with special needs who has been violated by an older boy. She should be protected--not subjected to the further violence of abortion.

    And what crime has the unborn child committed? It is the innocent who suffer while the guilty often go free.

    As you say, abortion is NEVER a good choice. It allows the powerful to continue their misdeeds against the weak and defenseless.