Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pro-Life Grandma Is Fuming!

This mild-mannered Christian pro-life grandmother is fuming!

Today LifeNews reported the results of an EPA study that associated the rise in autism with the inclusion by pharmaceutical companies of fetal cells from aborted babies in the MMR and chickenpox vaccines given to our children.

I hate that abortion has resulted in 50+ million dead American babies. I hate that abortion has broken the hearts of millions of American women and men. I hate that people still consider their right to choose more important than their babies' right to live.

But now this!

I hate that my grandson has autism because some amoral pharmaceutical executive furtively authorized the inclusion of fetal cells from those poor aborted babies in his MMR and/or chickenpox vaccine.

Can this possibly be happening in the United States of America? I fear greatly for our country on Judgment Day!

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  1. I'm the father of two autistic boys, so there is just a tad bit of empathy for your post.

    I suggest going to Jill Stanek's blog ( where this news item is also addressed. Some very knowledgable medical pros are discussing it in the com box. Bottom line is that the jury is still out on the cause of autism.

  2. Wow! This is very disturbing, and sad to say, not very surprising. People think they can just trust the government, drug companies, doctors... but we need to do our own research!
    Abortion is so devastatingly violent and evil. Thinking about it is almost too much to bear. Thank you, Julie, for all your blogs and posts that speak out about pro-life issues.
    Our country is turning its' back on God. I really don't understand why some of my Christian friends voted for the most pro-murder president we have ever had. I guess I will stop with this comment cuz it is rambling!

  3. I had no idea vaccines were made from aborted baby cells. I have to recover from the shock and horror of that before I try to go to bed tonight. That is extremely disturbing.