Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Day in the Life of Karen Wells, Doula

As a Birth Doula, I provide birthing women and their families emotional, physical, informational and spiritual support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum. My passion lies providing tools for couples to experience a healthy, satisfying birth as they define it. By empowering moms and dads with knowledge and confidence, they can see many of their desires come to pass; all the while, laying a foundation for the successful parenting of their children.

I consider it an honor to walk alongside my clients as they experience the holiest of moments. In no other place can one see, not only the birth of another human, but also witness the birth of a mother and the birth of a father. This is an environment that is to be protected and revered.

As a Doula, I herald the beauty and majesty of life in the womb and life outside of the womb. I have the privilege of being the voice of the baby, as I encourage a mom to keep going and not give up. I also speak God’s gentle words to a dad, by reminding him that he has been chosen for this task; and whom God chooses, He equips. The families I work with are proof that pregnancy and birth are not just conditions and procedures to be endured, but incredible seasons of life to be celebrated.

When a day is done, I take satisfaction in knowing that the more I value and honor pregnancy and teach others to do the same, I can have an impact for the littlest voices in the womb.

For more information on Doulas and tools for pregnancy and birth, please visit my website www.gatewaybirthservices.com.

Karen is the author of “The Miracle of You – Inspirational Promises for Expectant Parents”. This full-color, hardback book is the perfect gift for a pregnant mom. Through the pairing of stunning and true-to-life illustrations of fetal growth and statements of God’s love and purpose, families are able to speak into the life of an unborn baby before he or she is even born!

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  1. Thank you, Karen, for your post. You have taught us about doulas and the opportunities you have to speak for babies. May God continue to bless you as you work for Him in those "holiest of moments."

    I have your book "The Miracle of You" and love it!