Tuesday, January 26, 2010

An Extremely Helpful Resource - Free Book

Editor's Note: Just this morning I read a press release about a free book for young girls who are unexpectedly pregnant and are in a state of confusion. The following is an excerpt from Serena Gaefke's website   Serena is making this download free with one click.

101 Girls Guide.com
Helping girls make informed choices about abortion
Are you having trouble deciding what to do? It's a tough decision either way you look at it.  There are many reasons you could probably list right now as to why you should have an abortion, but have you ever considered all the reason's not to?  While this site expresses an opinion about abortion, it is your choice, first and last. But what is 'choice' worth if you aren't making an informed choice? Why not be informed so that whatever you choose you can go ahead and know that you made a choice you can live with, one you will be happy with, even if you come across this same information later. If abortion is right, you won't be offended by any of the information here. But if abortion is wrong, won't you be glad you found out in time?

To help the most women possible, the first edition of this book is being offered for FREE at this time.

Go to 
www.101girlsguide.com  for a free copy of "101 Reasons Not to Have an Abortion: A Girl's Guide to Informed Choices" (e-book PDF format).

Four years in the making - yours with one click!


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